Welcome to Momentum Bay (877-326-8392), a sustainability boutique firm headquartered in Houston, Texas since 2002, working from Hawaii to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Momentum Bay consultants offer full-service energy, water & sustainability management consulting to real estate decision makers committed to building fitness & top 25% leadership. Services such as Momentum Bay's ECO [BOOT CAMP]® and Momentum Bay's GREENINGSM market research studies make it easy for clients to become uber greens - humble, outstanding examples of sustainable success.

Similar to design-build and construction management at-risk (CM at-risk) delivery methods, Momentum Bay practitioners implement the firm's consulting advice to executives, supplementing & building fellow leaders' bench strength in several roles, as clients need:

  • interim executives (e.g., CEO, Chief Sustainability Officer, Energy Manager)
  • niche distributor-dealer
  • volume procurement group
  • specialty general contractor & installer-EPC (e.g., energy, water & food retrofits) &
  • utility-scale renewable energy developer.

Momentum Bay's only requirement is that prospective & current clients be committed to long-term, ongoing, top 25% leadership, such as developing, owning, managing or occupying exemplary facilities - "Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR," ENERGY STAR, and/or LEED Gold or Platinum, Living Building Challenge® certified or even Net Zero Energy, Water, Waste and Food facilities.

Green energy.  Green building.  Green business.

Momentum Bay's genuine passion is equipping decision makers rapidly to plan green strategies & execute best-in-class renewable energy, sustainable real estate, & corporate sustainability initiatives - from strategy & training to procurement & implementation to messaging (i.e., marketing & communications).

In a sprint-crawl-walk-jog-run-inspire approach, Momentum Bay's consultants & practitioners provide as much or as little management consulting & implementation assistance as clients prefer.

Often, our Texas clients begin by procuring energy with Momentum Bay's business unit GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS (877-326-8392 or 877-ECO-TEXAS), specializing in full-service electricity & natural gas procurement, & energy management for commercial & industrial clients.

After procurement, GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS' energy efficiency & energy conservation consultants, Texas energy management consultants, & Texas energy advisors help executives with:

  • 1. Energy Analysis & Strategy
  • 2. Energy Demand Management*
  • 3. Energy Supply-Procurement
  • 4. Communications &
  • 5. Energy Monitoring

* Momentum Bay's business units GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS and Solar EPC (866-765-2737 or 866-SOLAR-EPC) are a distributor-dealer, specialty general contractor, and installer of water & energy products suitable for new & existing buildings, including onsite, behind-the-meter power generation systems (wind turbines & roof, carport & ground-mounted solar modules) and Delishs' utility-scale solar power plants, water farms & more.

Second, clients pursue green building certification for one or more new and/or existing buildings in their portfolios, relying upon Momentum Bay's green building expertise:

Ultimately, some clients strive for an authentic corporate sustainability that fuels top-line and bottom-line growth, relying on Momentum Bay's subject matter experts for:

After a decade of management consulting & sustainable innovation, we find that corporate sustainability, sustainable real estate & renewable energy in Texas represent more than a solid hope. Today, these are profitable, practical, real rewards.

We are authentically green, practicing our own consulting advice. And, we look forward to helping your C-suite executives secure sustainable success.

We are available toll-free at 877-326-8392 (877-ECO-TEXAS).

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