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    How did we get involved in green energy management & electricity brokerage?

    After our Founder helped Green Mountain Energy revitalize its Multifamily Apartment Community Channel in Houston in 2006, Momentum Bay® began brokering Texas green power in 2007 as GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS in order to protect our consulting firm's clients pursuing green building & corporate sustainability.

    Since 2007, Momentum Bay's GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS business unit has become Texas' only energy procurement & full-service Texas energy management advisor focused on sustainability -- green energy, renewable energy, green power.

    In 2010, the firm evolved beyond consulting to practicing as a distributor-dealer, general contractor-EPC-installer, & developer of behind-the-meter & utility-scale solar PV & wind turbine power generation systems, as well as related renewable energy products, including solar powered attic fans. Solar & wind make business sense with their plummeting prices, rapidly evolving power & efficiencies, low maintenance requirements, ability to manage fuel/economic/other risks, attractive paybacks (when procured wisely) with system lifespans of 20 to 35 years -- possibly even 50+ years.

    As of 2012, GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS offers the following offsite, onsite, mobile & managed energy-related services:

    MANAGED:  SOPHISTICATED!: Full-service energy management consulting:
    • Energy strategy
    • Energy demand management
    • Energy supply / procurement management
    • Energy monitoring
    • Energy messaging (marketing & communications)


    >> What is your organization's energy strategy short-term (five-year), & long-term (10, 20, 30, 50 & 100-year)?

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    Energy Observations, Insights & Opportunities

    • Electricity procurement is buildings' largest operating expense, & often leaders' greatest discomforts (second only to dental visits & car shopping).

    • Since 2007, electricity, natural gas & green power prices have been out of control, swinging 10% in a day, 30%+ in a week, even reaching all-time highs & 10-year lows. Attentive professional advisors can add substantially to clients' profits.

    • Our clients had been consistently receiving less than transparent & fair pricing from other electricity brokers (no professional certification, credentialing or licensure required in Texas) & Retail Electric Providers, the vast majority of which were unfamiliar with green power & not yet pursuing corporate sustainability.

    • Some municipal-owned utilities in Central Texas & some Retail Electric Providers (REPs) still charge $8 to $38 for a Renewable Energy Credit or green electricity (i.e., $0.008 to $0.038 per kilowatt-hour) even though the market price is at or below $1 / REC or $0.001 / kWh. (We have enjoyed helping clients secure fair prices & value, not paying 8 to 38 times more than they should in pursuit of corporate sustainability, high-performance green building & carbon neutrality.)

    • Although energy represents only 0.7% of a building's 30-year life cycle costs (human costs are 83-92% of 30-year costs), energy accounts for 60-90% of a conventional building's & business' potentially regulated carbon emissions.

    • By 2013-2016, commercial & industrial electricity customers with behind-the-meter onsite renewable energy (solar photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, biomass biolers & biofuel generators, etc.) may effectively put conventional electricity brokers out of business. With grid parity a reality by then, companies will be making their own electricity - by installing solar panel systems, generating electricity at peak daytime prices, & interconnecting to the electricity grid (i.e, net metering so that they essentially eliminate electricity bills). At an all-in cost of $0.11 / kWh (i.e., energy + transmission & distribution charges + taxes), solar's payback can be less than 10 years ... and provide 20+ more years of electricity essentially for free.