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It can be much less expensive being green
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    How did we come to the join the green movement?

    Providence, timing, events & important people in our lives helped us discover what we’re built to do: revitalize & grow enterprises alongside leaders & their teams.

    Our founder's grandparents, parents, youth pastors & other heroes inspired him early on to learn about environmental stewardship applied in three ways.

    First, it came as an urgent & necessary response to family members' health challenges (such as, migraine headaches & heart attacks).

    Second, it was a natural expression of loving the things God loves -- people & the rest of creation.

    Third, it made business sense after the founder's early years as a strategic growth, corporate renewal, turnaround management & crisis management consultant in construction & real estate-related industries. He recognized that energy, buildings and businesses were going green and organizing formally.

    A decade later, study, doubt and curiosity have given way to practice. And, global focus has matured from energy efficiency & clean tech to conservation, air quality, health & productivity. It is still clear that sustainability will always be the right thing to do. And, thanks to so many more proven sustainable best practice alternatives, going green is getting easier. The challenge now is how to move from study to practice, discerning among so many more complex choices arriving more rapidly.

    What do you find most challenging about going green?

    Send us your answer, because we'd like to hear.

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