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Green Power 4 Texas’ Free “Green [Boot Camp]: A Solar Intensive” Teaches, Feeds Kids at Low-Income Apartments

Yesterday, GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS hosted its free “GREEN [BOOT CAMP]SM for Apartment Communities: A Solar Intensive,” feeding and teaching residents at some affordable housing multifamily apartments. Kids learned about green jobs, energy efficiency, water conservation, local and organic gardening, and how their new 100+ solar powered attic fans and 60kW solar PV system work. Kids also planted fruit trees to feed families for 20+ years, reducing Texans’ need for food stamps.


RICHMOND, TX — November 20, 2011 — - Thanks to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA), GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS taught Texas kids and adults yesterday, November 19th from 10 to 11:30 AM about green jobs, solar panels, solar powered attic fans, and smart, healthy living at its free "GREEN [BOOT CAMP] for Apartment Communities: A Hands-on Solar Intensive."

In October, GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS installed a 60kW solar PV electricity generation system, featuring SunPower high performance and high efficiency solar panels behind-the-meter for net-metering at a low-income HUD housing apartment community in southwest Houston. In under four weeks, GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS engineered, procured and installed nearly 200 solar panels on four rooftops - a 60kW behind-the-meter solar PV system - to help the apartment's primary community building and offices to achieve net-zero electricity for the next 25+ years.

This solar PV installation followed GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS' installation of 100+ Texas solar powered attic ventilation systems in August, at the end of Texas' historic 122-year heat wave and nearly ten Texas electricity grid emergency events.

During the 12-day solar PV installation, one nine-year-old resident enthusiastically asked GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS' installers, "How old do you have to be to do what you're doing?"

Instead of keeping this young man in suspense nine more years before his first green job as a solar installer, GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS wrapped up this solar energy project by hosting for free its GREEN [BOOT CAMP] for Apartment Communities: A Hands-on Solar Intensive” training event, which took place Saturday, November 19, 2011 from 10 to 11:30 AM at 2020 Rocky Falls Road, Richmond, Texas 77469.

"As managers and stewards of the property, these solar projects mitigate against future energy price uncertainty, risk and volatility,” said Kenneth Tann, President of Multi-family Mission Ministries, Inc. (MMM Housing) which redeveloped and manages Brazos Bend Villa Apartments and other affordable housing apartments in Texas and Louisiana. “More importantly, tenants with lower bills, more comfortable living spaces, and an hands-on understanding about energy efficieancy, water conservation and healthy living are happier."


  • Enjoyed FREE organic and local food
  • Learned about Brazos Bend's new 100+ solar powered attic fans and high performance, high efficiency 60kW behind-the-meter solar PV electricity generation system
  • Heard about other easy, green ways that kids and families can save money, get better green jobs, and enjoy healthier, happier lives
  • Helped plant fruit trees (satsuma and clementine mandarins, grapefruit, jujube, pomegranate and pecan) that should produce $100,000 of healthy food for residents over the next 20+ years, lessening their need for food stamps and feeding them fruit with 10 to 90 times more vitamins per calorie than conventional grocery store fruit.

One elementary school student said that he had never seen a solar panel. With solar panel prices dropping 60 percent globally in 2011, Texans will be seeing more solar panels. Just as a recent USA Today story confirmed 'Solar is beginning to go mainstream.' In some parts of the United States and for certain customers, 'grid parity' is already a reality, which is not hard to believe since the photoelectric effect was discovered and the first solar cells were patented in the late 1800's.

“You should have seen the children’s intrigue, enthusiasm and smiles as everyone learned about how the sun powers all living things and even some buildings," said Mark Alan Robinson, Partner at GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS ( “It is an honor to be part of Brazos Bend’s ongoing mission and faith-based ministry."

GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS and Multifamily Management Ministries thank the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs for investing in the kids and families at Brazos Bend Villa Apartments, and in healthier air quality for all Texans with these solar powered attic fans and solar PV systems. And, many thanks to San Jacinto Environmental Supplies, Treesearch Farms, Earth First Landscapes, PV Rentals, The Home Depot, and Frito-Lay for contributing organic mulch compost, fruit trees, landscaping supplies and services, a pickup truck, shovels and Sun Chips® to this event for kids, and to all the attendees from as far away as Conroe and Fulshear.

For more information about Texas solar attic fans, how to green multifamily apartments, and other healthy, economical, and practical green energy, green building and green business best practices, call 877-ECO-TEXAS or email


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GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS ( is a Texas-based energy procurement and full-service energy management consulting firm focused on sustainability. The firm procures and manages energy for primarily green businesses and green buildings, particularly those pursuing LEED, ENERGY STAR and Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR certification. To learn more about GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS’ service offerings – including energy strategy, energy demand, energy supply (offsite and onsite procurement), energy marketing and communications, and energy monitoring – visit:

About Momentum Bay’s GREEN [BOOT CAMP]SM

GREEN [BOOT CAMP] ( is a one-hour to 16-hour course that helps individuals, households & multi-family apartment communities go green at home. Private, customized & extended versions of our GREEN [BOOT CAMP] are available for any residential community or households pursuing sustainability. GREEN [BOOT CAMP] is a perfect companion course to Momentum Bay's ECO [BOOT CAMP]® business-oriented course for real estate and finance professionals, and other executives.

About Multi-family Mission Ministries, Inc.

MMM Housing is a non-profit, Christian ministry that loves its neighbors by acquiring, operating and maintaining low-income and moderate-income apartment housing and other affordable housing, public housing and Section 8 multi-family properties in Texas and Louisiana.


  • GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS: Mark Alan Robinson,, 877-ECO-TEXAS
  • Multi-family Mission Ministries, Inc.: Kenneth Tann, 281-298-7999


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