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    MEDIA RELEASE Sea Scout Base Galveston, developing nation's premier ocean-oriented Boy Scout camp, retains Momentum Bay® to help team navigate beyond LEED® Platinum to Net Zero

    By May 2014, Sea Scout Base Galveston plans to open the nation's premier marine-focused Boy Scout camp in Galveston, Texas. This $25 million, 8-acre project's fleet of boats, marina & 50,000+ square-foot, healthy and efficient dormitory-hotel expects to serve up to 20,000 ocean-focused Boy Scouts each year for generations to come. This hub of sea level sustainability is registered with the U.S. Green Building Council as LEED-NC v2009 & LEED-EB v2009 Platinum projects.

    GALVESTON, TEXAS--March 15, 2012 - Today, Sea Scout Base Galveston, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, added Momentum Bay to its design team to help chart a two-year course to launch the nation's premier waterfront camp for Boy Scout and co-ed Venturer mariners.

    Two four-acre sites - a South and North Campus - on the Gulf Freeway in Galveston, Texas, facing Moody Gardens, will serve up to 20,000 Scouts and other guests, including Boy Scouts, Sea Scouts, co-ed Venturers, under privileged youth, the physically challenged, other homeschool and conventional K-12 guests, as well as public and private sector visitors.

    To certify independently exemplary design of the dormitory-hotel and project, respectively, the team is pursuing "Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR" and LEED-NC v2009 Platinum.

    After construction, the team will pursue ENERGY STAR certification and LEED for Existing Buildings v2009 Platinum certification for ongoing sustainable real estate operations and maintenance.

    Of the world’s 12,000+ LEED certified green building projects, only about 700 have achieved the LEED Rating System’s highest level, Platinum, (less than 6% by project count). Texas is home to 24 LEED Platinum certified projects, including Jacob White Construction’s three local projects 253 Medical Center Blvd, 12941 Gulf Freeway, and Jacob White’s headquarters (

    Under the most recent and challenging LEED Rating System versions that Sea Scout Base Galveston is pursuing – LEED-NC v2009 and LEED-EB:O&M v2009, only 62 of the 750+ certified projects globally have earned Platinum so far.

    The south and north campuses' amenities already include or may include:

    • Point Glass, an 82-foot decommissioned and renovated Coast Guard Cutter ship
    • a fleet of training vessels of various sizes
    • Boat ramp access / launch
    • skiff storage
    • boat repair facility
    • accessible salt-water pool with deep water zone (for snorkeling, water polo and volleyball)
    • 50,000+ square-foot dormitory-hotel
    • flexible open space for daily flag ceremony and Scout recognition
    • merit badge stations, especially credentials related to sustainability
    • outdoor chapel seating for 150+ guests
    • sand volleyball court, basketball court, and multi-purpose court
    • fire pits
    • mariner relics and environmental art
    • outdoor bathroom / shower facility
    • pedestrian bridge
    • ample parking for buses, cars and energy-efficient/hybrid/electric vehicles
    • rooftop gardens, native/adapted/non-invasive/edible landscaping
    • solar photovoltaic panels and vertical axis wind turbines

    For more information about how to design and operate healthy, economical, and practical sustainable real estate and about Momentum Bay's, call 877-ECO-TEXAS or email


    • Momentum Bay Associates LP: Mark Alan Robinson, MBA, LEED® AP, CEM®,, 877-ECO-TEXAS


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    Through Momentum Bay's business unit GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS started in 2007, the firm also procures and manages energy for primarily green businesses and green buildings, particularly those pursuing LEED, ENERGY STAR and Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR certification. To learn more about GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS’ service offerings – including energy strategy, energy demand, energy supply (offsite and onsite procurement), energy marketing and communications, and energy monitoring – visit: