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    Why did we choose the name Momentum Bay?

    Our firm began as a management consulting firm providing corporate renewal, turnaround management & crisis management services, primarily as interim executives. So, one of our initial focus groups with family & friends turned up the word "momentum." We think that the founder's "mom" somehow seeded the word & idea with everyone so she would always be foremost in our founder's work at MOMentum Bay.

    We also knew that our best memories have been by bodies of water. That's where we've always been recharged, renewed, refreshed, restored, rejuvenated & revitalized -- which is the same experience we bring to clients as consultants. So, we considered incorporating words like lake, river, stream, harbor & bay. (Did you know that Americans today spend 90% of our lives indoors & 5% in cars, whereas 100 years ago, we spent 90% outdoors.)

    We also regain momentum in relationship with other "bodies of water" … people, whose bodies are designed from roughly 60% water (for those of you who appreciate random facts).

    As we brainstormed the name of our company, we landed on the word "bay" because it has several interesting dictionary definitions & meanings, three of which describe exactly what we do:

    • we help companies & people move from feeling cornered (i.e., held at "bay" by dogs)
    • to protected (as in a "bay" or harbor)
    • to victorious ("bay" leaves were awarded in the Olympics for victory, honor or excellence.)

    Structurally, we considered the fact that great brands - like Coca Cola, Home Depot, etc. - are typically four syllables or fewer. And, we wanted more soft, soothing consonants (e.g., m's, n's, b's) than hard consonants (t's, k's). Mo-men-tum Bay fit.

    And, since 2005, when we focused our energy & sustainability consulting services exclusively on comprehensively transforming executives & organizations - no matter where they are currently along the sustainability continuum, the name Momentum Bay seems to fit us even better.

    Why did we add the name Sustainable Texas®?

    In 2007, "green" was the most trademarked word by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Green was finally mainstream ... and trite. Leaves appeared in nearly every green company's logo. At the same time, organizations were expanding their understanding of green as something more comprehensive and integrated. And, the terms "sustainable" and "sustainability" replaced "green."

    While Momentum Bay works nationally & internationally, we wanted to tailor enhance our brand especially in Texas. So, you may also see our firm marketed as Sustainable Texas®.

    Why did we add the name GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS?

    In 2006, we launched a business unit focused on exclusively energy management & renewable energy, called GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS. This division's range of services include:

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