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    Who we are: Values, Vision, Mission, Goals & Actions


    In life & work, we strive:
    • to enjoy
    • being lifelong, service & experiential learners
    • so that we can make our best contributions to the economy, society, environment & God,
    • all of which are sustainable only in community.


    To inspire sustainable leadership.

    To create a healthy, sustainable Texas.

    To secure sustainable success.

    Mission & Passion

    C-level sustainability: The firm’s genuine passion is equipping chief-level executives rapidly to plan incremental & game-changing green strategies & to execute specific best-in-class projects – from strategy & training to procurement to messaging (i.e., marketing & communications).


    Momentum Bay strives:

    • As advisors, to help organizations & ultimately households become better leaders by creating & implementing sustainable, long-term growth plans resulting in less harm, no harm & even good, and by going green profitably & practically;

    • As corporate citizens, to do the right thing to the right extent at the right time for the right reasons with the right attitude* (adapted from John Ortberg’s book “The Life You’ve Always Wanted”).


    Momentum Bay has committed to:

    • 100% Green Power: In 2006, before starting the firm’s GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS business unit, Momentum Bay joined the EPA Green Power Partnership’s Green Power Leadership Club with the firm’s 100% green power purchase;

    • 400% Green Power: In 2011 and 2012, Momentum Bay offset more than 400% of the firm’s electricity-related emissions with Texas Renewable Energy Credits, in order do more than our part to create healthy air for our fellow Texans;

    • Clean air & healthy people: For each sale of onsite renewable energy products (e.g., solar attic fans, solar PV systems, wind turbine systems), Momentum Bay donates a fruit tree at either the client’s site, a low-income multifamily apartment community, a church or other agreed upon site.

    Policies, Procedures & Practices

      Human Rights Statement: Momentum Bay complies with or exceeds all regulations and laws related to hiring, employment, non-discrimination, harassment, coercion, child labor, freedom of association, working hours, and compliance. The firm prohibits harassment, corporal punishment, threats of violence, or any other forms of mental/physical coercion, or physical abuse. The firm stipulates only freely chosen employment, prohibits child labor, allows freedom of association, ensures that working hours comply with national laws and are not excessive, compensates all workers in accordance with applicable wage laws and regulations, and expects its suppliers to achieve a similar high standard.

      Health, Safety & Environmental Policy: Momentum Bay provides employees a safe and healthy work environment in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and strives to equip employees, clients and communities to achieve health & sustainability at work and at home – profitably, practically and enjoyably. For example, OSHA training and basic management systems for preventing workplace hazards and providing business continuity during emergencies are a starting point, but active, lifelong learning is really how we sprint, crawl, walk, jog, run, thrive and inspire.

      Operational Compliance & Leadership: The firm promotes operating in a manner than protects and even restores creation, ensuring compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and standards (e.g., for air emissions, water discharges, hazardous waste disposal, environmental permitting and reporting, and product labeling and warning requirements). And, we steadily find new ways to help clients and ourselves become even better sustainability leaders.

      Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Momentum Bay measures and reduces its greenhouse gas emissions for operations within its operational control. For example:

      • Scope 1 emissions: Data is not available from our building owner/manager regarding the onsite diesel backup generator.

      • Scope 2 emissions:

        • Electricity: Our firm’s proportional share of our office building’s electricity, and our share of the founder’s home-office is 20,180 kWh per year, requiring 21 RECs to offset 100%+ of electricity-related emissions.

        • Action: For 2011 and 2012, Momentum Bay and its energy business unit GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS purchased more than 4 times that amount—100 Texas RECs per year.

      • Scope 3 emissions:

        • Transportation: From 2009-2011, our employees took only two commercial flights for business, creating 1,066 lbs of CO2-e emissions. And, during the same period, employees drove 25,000 business miles in a Toyota Prius or Toyota Camry, for a total of 11,947 lbs CO2-e. Together, air and auto emissions amount to 13,013 lbs CO2-e, requiring 5.9 carbon offsets to offset 100% of carbon emissions for 2009-2011. Momentum Bay considered offsetting 4 times our transportation-related emissions with 24 carbon offsets, but chose not to purchase these offsets (about $7 each; or, $170 for all 3 years).

        • Action: Instead, Momentum Bay instituted a policy of employees planting a fruit tree for each solar attic fan, solar PV and wind turbine sale. Our first 12 trees alone will not only sequester carbon for 15-25 years (50 lbs CO2 per tree per year on average; 12,000 lbs total in 20 years, or roughly 100% of our 2009-2011 transportation-related carbon emissions), but also produce $100,000+ of healthy food for at-risk, low-income families at an affordable housing apartment community in Richmond, Texas, just southwest of Houston. Sure, the cost of time & materials was much more than $170, but the yield on our investment is priceless.

    >> What do you value? How can we help your team live out its values, vision, mission & goals? To arrange a meeting, call 877-ECO-TEXAS or email us.

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