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Delishs Rain by Momentum Bay 855-335-4747 (855-DELISHS)

100% premium rainwater harvested and bottled in Texas

Welcome to Delishs Farms!

God willing, we are developing
hundreds of delishs acres
of farm-to-table
living and learning -

  • renewable energy - 80 megawatts of utility-scale solar
  • sustainable water - 100+ million gallons of pure humidity and rain for drinking and orchard irrigation
  • healthier food - 300 acres of organically grown pick-your-own fruits and vegetables, and
  • healthier homes (ready to move to an upscale agrihood?)
  • by students for students.

We'd love your help.
Every drop counts.

Coming to the countryside near you!

The Ask

Here's how you can help us develop two 400-acre Delishs Farms ...

Simply order the perfect healthy holiday gift:
a case (24 half liter bottles) of Delishs Rain
for only $40 per case (that's $1.67 per bottle).

Free pickup at our Houston headquarters 4660 Beechnut St Suite 218, Houston, TX 77096. Or, our staff can deliver your order personally for an additional donation to cover time and travel. For example, we can deliver a 6-case minimum order for $50 shipping within 40 miles of our office.

Call us at 855-335-4747 (855-DELISHS).

Share your Delishs story on Twitter @DelishsRain and @DelishsFarms

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Here is the overview of Momentum Bay's Delishs Rain drinking water product and bottling process:


  • pure taste
  • zero calories
  • GO TEXAN active member
  • State of Texas' water testing results on all organic and non organic, covering a full range of compounds, show no contents in this water other than water with the Total Dissolved Solids less than 10 mg/L

Rainwater harvesting and bottling process:

  • God and nature low temperature distill rainwater
  • we harvest Texas rainwater in the country
  • on more than 30,000 square feet of conditioned rooftops
  • discharging the first part of each rain through diverters
  • screen filter rainwater into pre-raw storage tanks
  • 25 micron filter rainwater into primary raw water cistern
  • skid purify with 20 micron carbon filter
  • filter to less than one micron
  • sterilize with ultraviolet light
  • filter again to less than one micron
  • disinfect with ozonation
  • bottle in BPA-free, biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable bottles

Delishs Rain and Delishs Farms are a few of Momentum Bay's contributions to the Texas Water Development Board's $2 billion water plan.

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