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Green Building

Are you feeling overwhelmed by trying to keep up with the latest green building technologies, best practices, and sustainable real estate strategies?

Has every vendor and internal team member insisted that "green" costs 5%, 15%, or 30% more than conventional buildings?

Momentum Bay can help. Here's how:

Since 2002, Momentum Bay has researched and tested in practice the what, how, why, who and so what behind green building and corporate sustainability. And, we have enjoyed helping fellow executives and business leaders achieve victories that no one else thought they could, such as:

  • securing for a small visionary developer-owner-manager 3 LEED Platinum certifications, making it 1 of only 3 Triple Platinum companies in the world at the time
  • ENERGY STAR certifying 1 out of every 9 commercial office square feet in America in 2008 for a $26 billion leading developer-owner-manager of office buildings
  • transforming a commercial real estate portfolio into the nation's most energy efficient Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
  • winning the EPA ENERGY STAR's prestigious Sustained Excellence Partner of the Year after a multi-year hiatus

  • elevating a bank's green building design team's design from LEED certified past LEED silver to LEED Gold, becoming the most sustainable bank building in Texas
  • equipping a Top 25 U.S. financial institution how to roll out 100+ green bank branches, propelling the design team's base design from LEED Certified to Gold, and identifying $8 million of cost savings on just one green building strategy (solar PV)

  • advising a humble, generous donor and nonprofit how to leave a more sustainable legacy by designing, building, operating and maintaining the world's greenest experiential education Scout base, and
  • helping a small nonprofit K-12 leader to save nearly $7 million over 90 years on its campus that cost $15+ million to design and build, and propelling its campus to become Texas' healthiest, most sustainable school.