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Momentum Bay’s ECO [BOOT CAMP]®, GREEN [BOOT CAMP]SM & new SOLAR [BOOT CAMP]SM courses are fun, intensive & customized live training courses, covering today’s most important sustainability topics, providing relevant context for endless content.

Our sustainability instructors coach boot camp participants & graduates to:

Sprint, Crawl, Talk, Walk, Jog, Run & Inspire.

Don't worry: you won't hear "DROP & GIVE US 20 PUSHUPS" at our business-minded environmental boot camps. After just a few hours, you'll come away equipped with a broad & deep understanding of the ways you can go green at work & at home, profitably & practically.

Leaders, green enthusiasts, innovators & early adopters find that our courses serve as an efficient & informative refresher as well.

We're here to help dispel myths, and help you build and manage great buildings affordably based on decades of research, best practices, and relationships ... decoding the resilient real estate DNA or genome ... the why, how, what, who and so what ... so that you can achieve both impact and proof of your impact with globally recognized grades or rating systems.

Why work so hard and diligently just to pass or fail like the bottom 75 percent?

Corporations started publishing their first Corporate Sustainability Reports (CSR) in the 1990s. Today, over two-thirds of the Fortune 500 publish a CSR.

In the early 1990's, two green building programs were born: the EPA's ENERGY STAR program and the U.S. Green Building Council. These two green building programs certify and showcase the nation's and the world's top 25 percent of real estate - from new buildings to existing buildings. Then, in the late 1990s, these programs codified and launched their respective green building rating systems.

Did you know that the term "green" was the most trademarked word at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ( in 2007?

And, in 2007 before the global recession, green went mainstream across all industries.

As of 2016, over 29,000 buildings have earned ENERGY STAR® certification (4 billion square feet). And, over 86,000 projects have earned LEED® certification. Clearly, adoption has moved beyond Innovators and Early Adopters.

But, oddly, the number of certified and re-certified buildings and campuses represents only a small fraction of all the real estate in the United States and globally.

And, let's remember that trends change every 8-10 years, and often die to be reborn every 16-20 years. Other green building rating systems and standards are here: WELL®, net zero, net positive, off-grid, and resilient.

?  So, where does a leading company or an individual leader start?

?  How can someone "go green" profitably & easily?

?  In today's fast-paced & regulated world, how can a business or individual hope to keep up with clean tech innovation & sort through green facts & fiction in every area of business & living?

?  Is there a sustainable boot camp course, environmental training class, or green workshop to help leaders get up-to-date rapidly & even get ahead of others?

  • ... moving from research, strategy & planning to application, implementation & practice?
  • ... in corporate sustainability, green building, renewable energy, & genuine green lifestyles?

  • Yes.


    ECO [BOOT CAMP]® should top your sustainability continuing education list this year as the most relevant and most fun. ECO [BOOT CAMP] is a business-oriented environmental course ranging from 1 to 16 hours, tailored to the needs of any team.

    For example, the CFO of a $4 billion real estate developer, owner, manager of upscale grocery-anchored retail shopping centers hired Momentum Bay to lead a customized 8-hour ECO [BOOT CAMP] course as part of a two-day corporate finance retreat for 20+ team members.

    Private, customized & extended versions of our ECO [BOOT CAMP] are available for any organization pursuing corporate sustainability, green building, renewable energy or other clean tech initiatives. For example, we have taught Keller Williams residential and commercial real estate agents, CCIM's commercial real estate agents, and the Affordable Housing Management Association of East Texas (AHMA-ET) developers, owners, and property managers of multifamily properties.

    ECO [BOOT CAMP] can be the perfect primer, refresher and team building course for teams interested in how corporate sustainability and sustainable real estate can serve as a strategic, profit and loss tool and transform corporate culture meeting changing needs of employees, clients and markets.

    NOTE: Real estate professionals in Texas can earn up to four credits of approved Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) credit with the Texas Real Estate Commission by attending the 4-hour introductory ECO [BOOT CAMP] course.

      >> Click here to learn more about ECO [BOOT CAMP]®.



    New in 2016! Momentum Bay's SOLAR [BOOT CAMP] courses are 90-minute intensive green building renovation courses for Texas homeowners and business owners.

    Momentum Bay founder Mark Alan Robinson leads 12-person cohorts through one class member's renovation, revealing insights about energy, water and food general contracting best practices.

    Attendees qualify to become members of the GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS family, and save on bulk green building upgrades with fellow innovators, early adopters and early majority leaders.

    GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS is Momentum Bay's 'brawn' - the business unit focused on general contracting, i.e., energy, water and food remodeling - and electricity brokerage.


    Momentum Bay's GREEN [BOOT CAMP] courses are 30-minute to 16-hour environmental boot camp courses that help individuals & households go green & become healthier physically & economically at home.

    For example, when our green energy division GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS installs solar powered attic fans, solar photovoltaic systems or vertical axis wind turbines on commercial buildings, our energy & sustainability experts offer a solar-intensive or wind-intensive GREEN [BOOT CAMP] as a value-added service, i.e., for FREE and at no additional charge to clients, because building occupants - people - and conservation are the key to unlocking a rapid payback on all green initiatives.

      >> Click here to learn more about GREEN [BOOT CAMP].

    >> To learn more about any of these fun environmental boot camp & sustainable boot camp courses, click the corresponding icons above, email us at ecobootcamp [at] momentumbay [dot] com, or call 877-326-8392.

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