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Momentum Bay GREENINGSM Sustainable Real Estate Market Research Studies:

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Published first in April 2009 as living documents

Momentum Bay’s research team continually analyzes the green building & sustainable real estate best practices of ENERGY STAR® buildings nationally and LEED® certified projects globally.

Momentum Bay’s GREENINGTM market research reports, both general & customized reports about sustainable real estate:

  • reveal past, present and future green building trends for new and existing buildings.
  • offer insights about other subtle opportunities, e.g., by analyzing the composite scorecards of LEED-NC, LEED-CS, LEED-EB & LEED-CI projects for the past 14 years
  • demystify the best practices of ENERGY STAR certified buildings so that developers, investors, owners, design teams and building occupants know where to begin, based on what other teams worldwide have done, & how best practices differ among regions, property types, year, etc.
  • equip teams to achieve higher levels of LEED and ENERGY STAR certification affordably since codes, standards, the market and real estate teams are constantly raising the bar
  • explain how project teams may or may not have pursued specific credits in light of their location’s scarce or high-priced resources – such as, precipitation or water rates, or energy prices – or in light of teams’ professional giftedness, lens, & comfort
  • and much more.

>> To become a sponsor of any or all of these studies or ongoing updates, to commission a customized study, or to have your public or confidential LEED Certified project included in Momentum Bay’s green building research studies, please contact Mark Robinson at or (281) 451-3841.

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