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for HUD Green MIP Reduction

WHY would a developer, owner, investor, or property manager of a market-rate or low-income multifamily apartment community pursue Building Fitness with Optimize Energy sustainable real estate consultants and general contractors?

WHAT IF a HUD FHA apartment complex that is refinancing its $55 million FHA mortgage - 223(f) or 221(d)(4) - could lower its interest rate, and save itself (and taxpayers) $2,500,000 to $5,500,000 over 35 years?

HOW could the energy intensity (i.e., total energy usage per square foot) of an old apartment building or campus of buildings surpass the EUI of even the newest apartments?

WHO has achieved such a feat of strength once or more in the last 20 years?

WHAT are their secrets of success?

HOW easily can a building or complex get a bit fit and stay in shape, saving money, and improving the health of residents for good?

Did you know that benchmarking (weighing in) saves on average seven percent (7%) of energy costs relative to peers, and certifying saves 35 percent?

So, do you believe yet that your properties and team can become real estate leaders and superheroes?

How ready are you for Building Fitness with Optimize Energy expert practitioners?

Client victories

Government:  State of Hawaii
Commercial Office:  Hines
K-12 school:  Monarch Institute

In 2016, Momentum Bay soared in the national rankings to become one of the most active EPA ENERGY STAR® Service and Product Providers (SPP):

Momentum Bay offers the following services:

  • Professional/Consulting Services (ENERGY STAR, LEED, Enterprise Green Communities, etc.)
  • Training Provider
  • Project Developer
  • Energy Aggregator, Broker, Consultant
  • Distributor
  • Energy Improvement Contractor
  • Energy Water & Utilities Consultant / Energy Management Services Company (ESCo)
  • Energy Management Services Company
  • Energy Information Services
  • On-site Energy Production Services (e.g., solar PV, wind) primarily design, procurement, distributor-dealer and as general contractor when part of an energy-water-food package

Momentum Bay equips real estate developers, investors, owners and managers to certify that their portfolios' design, construction, and ongoing performance are among the nation's top 25%.

When you are ready for special forces help from a commander, a coach, and a counselor, call Mark Alan Robinson at (281) 451-3841 to share your story, your vision, and the mission.

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