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Consulting General Contractor in Texas.

Microgrid Project Developer from Hawaii to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Resilient Real Estate Consultant globally.

Momentum Bay excels at envisioning world class projects and executing what others may not believe is practical or affordable years before or a decade before the market acts.

What if your C-suite of real estate executives could enjoy California's and Germany's bleeding edge and cutting edge practices and technologies today at a fraction of what others paid?

What if healthy, efficient, green building and sustainable real estate best practices do not have to cost more?

For ten years, Momentum Bay focused on boutique management consulting.

But, because clients grew tired of their internal facilities teams' or external contractors' unwillingness to implement at a fair price green building best practices, clients strongly encouraged us to become specialty general contractors and microgrid project developers.

In Texas and elsewhere, we grew tired of design, construction, and other real estate professionals who were misinforming our clients that green building always costs more -- 5%, 15%, 50% or more than conventional design, construction, operations and maintenance -- and that such features boost building and business value only marginally.

Sure, we have seen labor and materials bids vary by 500 percent or five times from lowest to highest bidder. And, when we solicited labor only bids from 78 solar contractors who were recommended and approved by a major Texas utility, 72 did not even respond, three replied that they declined to bid, and three subcontractors bid $16,000, $28,000 and $38,000. Shocking.

Why the huge difference? Relationship, service, value, price, seasonality, familiarity, busyness, availability of other larger jobs, and much more.

So, in 2011, Momentum Bay answered the request of our innovator and early adopter patrons, and we became consulting specialty general contractors and microgrid project developers.

Each Resilient RanchSM project brings new challenges. So, we continually broaden our resilient real estate expertise, and integrate new services.

Most patrons start the resiliency search thirsting for energy best practices.

More recently, spurred on by droughts, floods, severe storms, and other disasters, executives have also looked for water preparedness.

Where we operate best is at the energy-water-food nexus, focused on energy, real estate value and occupant productivity, while bringing water and food as surprises.

  • ENERGY: Roofing (ENERGY STAR certified cool roofs and white roofs), solar-powered attic ventilation fans, solar skylights, solar PV grid-tied power generation systems (roof-mounted and pole-mounted), and attic insulation
  • WATER: Rainwater harvesting systems (above and below ground), drip irrigation systems
  • FOOD: Primarily organic edibles, but also native decorative, fire-resistant, and mosquito repellant plants in certified wildlife habitats

While we work worldwide as consultants and microgrid project developers, our geographic focus for general contractor services is limited to Texas.

To speak with Momentum Bay about achieving your healthy, efficient high quality retrofit, please call 281-451-3841 or email gc [at] momentum bay [dot] com.

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